Spring has Sprung: Bring out your Crop Top!

I’m a spring baby. Astrologically speaking, an Arian. First sign of the zodiac; first in life. So know that it brings me great pleasure to finally usher in MY season – spring – and all the joy it brings! Specifically, perfect weather (don’t mind my idealistic view) that allows us to mix summer essentials with … Continue reading

DIY beauty resizedimage

DIY beauty secrets revealed and tested

This week we’ve decided to challenge ourselves with a few DIY beauty secrets. There’s nothing like going to the the grocery store and racking up on a whole slew of food items that you’re not going to consume. It’s exhilarating don’t you think? And it’s the perfect way to ease into spring — which arrives … Continue reading

thigh space

Marketing Trend: Thigh-high Temporary Tattoo Ads

Japanese are unafraid to walk away from conventional and get knee-deep into eyebrow raising activity. And I say that to those early adopters with the utmost affection; I used to live there Japanese PR Firm, Absolute Territory, is capitalizing on what’s known in Japan as “zettai ryouiki” by commissioning ad space on thighs! Zettai ryouiki refers to the bare … Continue reading


Dash of Class – Cheese and Meats Night!

Occasionally we’ll add a dash of class to our nightly routine and indulge in a wine and cheese night! My favorite part? CHEESE! I’m a notorious cheese head, but up until lately, I’ve maintained a fairly boring Rolodex of cheese. “Chedda is betta” was my motto. All that is changing with cheese night. I’m discovering … Continue reading

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Itsy bitsy bikini dreams for summer 2013

Being a mommy to be and an exercise fiend doesn’t always mesh. No matter how hard you want to keep up running until you can’t breathe or doing push up that leave you wondering what you were thinking, sometimes your body just says no. Or at least mine does. These days, on the brink of … Continue reading

IWD - resizedimage

It’s your day! International Women’s Day

Thank you, Google, for helping us celebrate International Women’s Day 2013 with this cute little doodle. We had to share it!   And to all of the wonderful women out there, whether you’re already doing great things or you’re on your way to greatness — enjoy your day! You deserve it!  

Voguish Vista resizedimage

Fatimah Tuggar: In/Visible Seams’

A collection of Nigerian-born artist Fatimah Tuggar’s  unique, stylish, soulful works is currently on display at the University of Delaware (February 6 – May 12). In/Visible Seams’ features a montage of ink-jet prints on vinyl. It’s a montage so expect the unexected! It’s photography taken to an unexpected level. The colors are vivid. The scenes … Continue reading

DKNY resized

DKNY goes from $15K payout to $25K in PR mishap

So what happens when a company wants to use an individual’s photos, they can’t agree on a payment terms and the company decides to use the photos anyway? Well all you have to do is ask good ol’ DKNY. When the brand and photographer Brandon Stanton couldn’t agree on terms for use of his photos, … Continue reading


Marc Jacobs Takes it All Off for His New Role at Pepsi Light!

Stamp! Stamp! Stamp! With Marc Jacobs as the new Creative Director at Diet Coke, get ready to be carried into a new era of cool – And his signature style is all over it! In case you didn’t notice, Marc Jacob’s iconic prints adorn Broadway-themed Diet Coke cans to celebrate Pepsi Light’s 30th Anniversary. But … Continue reading


PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Always be prepared to grow

We’ve been running our PR series for several weeks now, and we’d thought we’d close it out with a little advice that’s fitting not only public relations practitioners, but for everyone. It’s pretty simple. Always be prepared for growth opportunities. You can find nuggets of wisdom everywhere. The individual fresh out of college has experiences … Continue reading


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