Masked Fashion Shero

Tyra Net Face
Photo: Dominique Charriau

Some looks should not be imitated or duplicated. The creator must suffer alone.

Tyra Banks adorned her face with a homemade webby wonder at Vogue Magazine’s 90th Anniversary Party in Paris.

No, it’s not a hairnet. Yes, it was super cheap.

“So FRENCH VOGUE mask is sum cheap FISHNET stockings I got n crazy store n Paris! I cut em up n made it y’all. N did my ow hair n makeup.”

… and she did this wearing Cavalli…

Oh Tyra…. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

5 Responses to “Masked Fashion Shero”
  1. modelly says:

    I dare say that was one of the most daring “outfitty things” Tyra has ever worn….. I`m not particularly impressed… 😉

  2. Lisa says:

    im not sure this is a fashion statement, though she does look kind of fierce… in a captured bird type of way.

    • bjalamode says:

      Captured bird – that’s a new one! I keep wondering what she thought when she finished getting dressed.. “alas, this is exactly what I was going for” lMSO.

  3. modelly says:

    Haha :3
    Huff, her nose and ears must have hurt quite badly the day after that….

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