Kiddie Kouture! In Fashion, Age Ain't Nothin But a Number

Cecilia Cassini. An 11 year old with a distinctive style, eye for design and enviable technical skills has stormed onto the fashion scene.

Using youth to her advantage, at the age of 5 she got away with disassembling clothing, pursuing something greater. Instead of punishment, Cecilia’s customization capabilities were rewarded at age 6 when she received her first sewing machine. For Cecilia, the sewing machine was the dawn of her fashion empire.

Her self-proclaimed child size “masterpieces” have garnered the attention of Heidi Klum and Miley Cyrus. But soon her audience will be limitless, as she is now filming her own reality TV show.

“It sounds like she is a prodigy. It’s just not normal to hear of a ten year-old with that kind of passion for fashion design,” says Mary Stephens, Director of Fashion Design at FIDM.

Style icon in the making, Cecilia Cassini is currently the youngest fashion designer in the world, but now that her inspirational style-story has infiltrated the fashion market, it is doubtful she will be holding that title for long.

I can already see her whipping up something fresh for Willow Smith. Doted on and regularly discussed for her fierce fashion finds.

Another youngin’ on the fashion block is Lourdes Leon, ‘Lola’. Madonna and Lola, 14, recently launched their co-designed Material Girl fashion line at Macy’s in Herald Square.  Granted, Lola’s situation isn’t exactly a rags to riches tale, her fashion-pop- bigger than life superstar mum may have something to do with it.  So what about the rest of us dreamers?

Social media has opened the window for numerous designers to gain an audience and make a name for themselves before being ‘recognized’. Jane Aldridge and Tavi Gevinson are both living this fashion-tale. Dream + Computer+ Internet= Possibilities. Maybe you’re next?


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