Wild Child to Darling Diva: The Osbourne Transformation

One famous from the womb starlet has recently embarked on a total Hollywood transformation, and she went the right way. Miss Kelly Osbourne has a new lifestyle, personal style, body and total life perspective. She’s done the works! And over here at B.J. á la mode, we’re proud. It’s always great to hear a comeback story, and she’s at the perfect age to be an inspiration and role model to young people facing some of the same problems she once faced.

  • Dropping the drug addiction

Kelly recently appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil in her role as Special Correspondent, and attempted to get through to a pair of heroin addicted teens. She opened up about her drug problem and her difficult, yet triumphant road to recovery. Cheers to that!

  • Dancing with the Stars and the beginning of a body overhaul

A petite lady, Kelly used to pack around quite a few extra pounds. And she was unhappy in that unhealthy body. Dancing with the Stars sparked the beginning of her dramatic weight loss, and with a new perspective on diet and exercise, she is looking better than ever. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy and happy in a body you take care of.

  • Renewed sense of fashion

Kelly had an “interesting” style before she began making all of her changes, but today she couples that unique perspective with sophisticated choices and she’s become a fashion winner. Showing up fashion shows all over the place, Kelly recently received a straight off the runway look from the fabulous Betsy Johnson. That says something. She’s also got a gig on E’s weekly Fashion Police show.

That’s just a little glimpse into her life. Keep it up Kelly. You’re an inspiration to SO many people!


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