OK, Marc: Sock it to me

It’s another Fall 2010 trend- Socks!  Life may not be a Marc Jacobs runway, but if you relish in adding a little depth to your outfit, then I’m sure you’ll *heart* this trend.

Why you should renew your interest in socks. First, the socks hide the smallest part of your ankle, which may make your legs look more sexy & defined. Second, your outfit will keep you warm ;-). Third, you have officially added a bit of cuteness to your look. Lastly, I’ve heard talk about this look not flattering shorter people and all I can say is just don’t let your height discourage you. Mini people, i.e. children, wear socks all the time and I have yet to hear someone say, my they look shorter than usual today… Remember, fashion comes in pint size too. One life, live it up!

How to wear it. I prescribe adding socks to an outfit that already has a feminine tone, but be cautious. One does not want to infantilize a look. Socks alone are not juvenile, but look at your ensemble as a whole before committing.

How Ri-Ri rocked it.

…note the feminine touches..

Rihanna: Trend Machine

How the Runway Did it.

Marc Jacobs knows how to make the look, look good.

3 Responses to “OK, Marc: Sock it to me”
  1. Lisa says:

    I did this last fall!! And everyone laughed at me and now its cool because Marc said so… NOT FAIR!! I always wear new things and everyone laughs and then 2 years later its cool – gladiator/Jesus sandals, Ballet slippers, moccasins, ‘Bohemian skirts’, kitten pumps, flats, thick, but shaped eyebrows, etc

    I’m not saying im the most fashionable, but i have a great eye for comfort lol!!

  2. Lisa says:

    lol! Maybe I will try again- but I am over it. On to another ‘uncool’ trend that will be cool 2 years later.

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