Tavi: A fashion blogger to remember

Courtesy of The Style Rookie

The Style Rookie is the name of her blog, but fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, runs with the best of them, despite the fact that she is only 14 YEARS OLD. Her fashion sense is wise beyond her years, and even at her young age, she does an amazing job of keeping her blog true to who she is.

Courtesy of The Style Rookie

She first hit the mainstream fashion scene in 2008 and hasn’t looked backed since. Her blog is an off the cuff foray into fashion. Photos range from straight from the runway shots to self-taken shots of Ms. Tavi in some fabulous getups. She has a unique writing voice that a big part of the industry has fallen in love with. She’s been courted by Oprah and the Tonight Show, but turned those appearances down because she is not attracted to their audiences. Smart or too big for her britches; only time will tell. She’s not afraid to stir the controversy pot, as if a good thing doesn’t already come with enough. Tavi has plenty of naysayers, but they don’t seem to detract her. Late last year, Jezebel gave a rundown of some of the criticisms surrounding her writing.

Take it as you will.

Featured as a model in Ralph Lauren’s 10th Anniversary Pink Pony campaign, which featured top fashion industry bloggers, and part of the inspiration behind Rodarte for Target, she’s a fashion force and appears to have a bright future ahead of her.

Courtesy of The Style Rookie

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