Foxy Feline Prints are Calling the Wild

Christina Hendricks

Common sense ain’t common, but to pull off cheetah print- pray you have some. Basic rule- less is more. A cheetah print cardigan OR shirt OR belt OR dress OR… You get the point. Subtle accents of cheetah will reinvigorate and detail your ‘fit. Overdoing a look with cheetah print bangles, earrings, shoes and a belt will have you looking like a fashion fool.

Not so basic rule- for the avant garde dresser, pile on the prints. A more is more, overdone approach can be lovely as well. I heart how Mulberry layered cheetah print for their Fall 2010 ads. Yeah, the models are wearing all the aforementioned “don’ts” and they look fabulous… but that’s the fine line where fashion meets style… So the real rule is know your personal limits!!

Check out these looks for inspiration on kicking your animal instinct into gear… Lovely ladies that followed our rules.




Nike Dynasty High Animal Print Pack



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