Jeanius: Denim Eyes 

Modernize the beloved charcoal/kohl black smokey eyes with a luscious denim blue eyeshadow. Spotted on models in Rachel Roy and Derek Lam runway shows during Milan fashion week, the look has filtered down to celebs such as Rihanna and Nicole Ritchie. Will you be next?

P.s. Don’t you love that the look is dubbed denim versus navy blue? Denim is way more seductive 😉 …

Alright pretty girls, let us know if you give this look a whirl.

How to: Denim Eyes

via Xteeener

Start by applying a cream denim blue eyeshadow, creating a sideways “V” shape — (<) — on the outer corners of your eyes, from your lashline to your crease. Wipe your makeup brush clean and blend the shape to perfect a soft haze effect. Leave the rest of your lid bare.

Next, apply a gold highlight eyeshadow from the inner eye corners to inner edge of the (<) shape. If you have fair to light skin, Warren recommends using a champagne color instead. To finish, use a clean brush to buff the gold into the blue. You want the colors to look like one turns into the next.

Keep the rest of your face soft and pretty for day by pairing your denim eyes with Pink Rose Blush (for light complexions) or plum blush (for dark complexions) and sheer lip gloss, says Brown. Take it up a few notches for night by using a dark denim shadow with a hint of shimmer like Bobbi Brown Denim Sparkle Eye Shadow or mascara to really make eyes pop and add a hint of color to your lashes that is subtle, yet noticeable.

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via MakeupVideosandMore

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