Hips Swayin', Knees Knockin', Feet Tappin' Beautiful Imperfection

Nigerian songstress and Constantine Award recipient Aṣa last serenaded us two years ago with ballads from her debut album Asa. Creeping away from her signature ‘soul’ vibe, Asa is proving with her debut single “Be My Man” from her sophomore album Beautiful Imperfection, that she has a multi faceted, ever so versatile style. Her songs continue to capture the world she knows, but her recent experiences have been sunshine, so she is breathing happiness into her music. Intrinsically connected to social politics, she’s rechanneling her energy and thus presenting us with a warmer view of life in Lagos.

It is hard to believe that Asa, a singer known for a ‘rugged but a little chic’ look filled with earthtones, glasses, jeans and regular pants; has created a  hips swayin’, knees knockin’, feet tappin’ 60’s tinged single. Taking “Be My Man” as a sample of what is to come, we are expecting something grand from Beautiful Imperfection. Already released in the UK, we are forced to humbly wait our turn *eyes rolling*.


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