Sleep on a Giant Mushroom for $1,400 a Night

The Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin has a very unique exhibit that must be experienced in a unique way. The exhibit is intended to give visitors a taste of what it would be like to experience soma, the mythical healing and enlightenment drink that was used by ancient Vedic nomads in India to access the divine. No one knows for sure what soma was made of but experts believe ‘magic mushrooms,’ or fly agaric mushrooms, were a likely ingredient and so the installation features a floating hotel room where guests can spend the night suspended over a large ‘shroom-shaped platform.

Besides re-enacting a soma experience artist and creator Carsten Hoeller also aims to explore how to achieve enlightenment and the roles science and myth play in our society. The exhibit will be open November 5th through February 6th for $1400/night.

Sleep on a Giant Mushroom for $ 1,400 a Night originally appeared on Luxist on Thu, 28 Oct 2010 18:01:00 EST.


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