Girl… Those shoes are F to the LY!

Some shoes leave a memory that never fades. You fall in love and every time you get a glimpse that bubbly feeling comes back. No matter how many seasons pass, those shoes never disappoint. Stella McCartney introduced one such shoe, well boot, last fall, and today, Madge donned a pair and set the fashion world a buzz. Thigh high, perforated and sexy to the last drop, these boots are pure and simply F to the LY.

People may think you’re a street walker if you wear them with a mini, but with a statement tunic (See Madonna), nobody will be able to tell you that you don’t have it going on. That’s the power of these boots!

Beauty often comes with a price tag, and these bad boys are no exception. Retailing at $1400+ (if you can still find them), they’re definitely a splurge, but once you get over the sticker shock, we’re sure you’ll enjoy every step you take in them.

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