Bubblegum Raindrops & Sugar Coated Snowballs: Daisy de Villeneuve

Creating deceptively simple caricatures of life and illuminating them with quirky features and vibrant color palettes is the trademark aesthetic of illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve. Noted for her felt tipped designs radiating with her signature child like flair, Daisy’s work is pure funkadelic fun.

Her illustrations have captured the attention of Top Shop, LVMH, Nike, Vogue, & Random House. She also collaborated with Zac Posen on Z Spoke S/S 2011. For the line, Daisy recreated her signature aesthetic with a series of bold and colorful illustrations (fruits, vegetables, dancing people, and more) that were then printed on fabrics. She has also published books with cutesy little phrases inspired by her drawings, including He Said, She Said and I Told You So. [Word on the street is that the content was too “intensely real” for the United States market, so it was “dulled” before being distributed here… Definitely makes us want to get an original version.]

There is something special about what she does. Her designs are so simple, yet so complex. What you love about them is also what you hate about them – you think you can do it, but you dare not try. Well, one thing is certain, we cannot get enough of her. Cute, fun, flirty, and youthful, there is something about her designs that make you think of lemon drops, gum drops and sugar coated snowballs. Full of lively colors that will jolt your heart with joy. Enjoy some of the pieces. We sure did 😉





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