Let them don headgear, at their pleasure

Sometimes don’t you just wish you could get away with wearing your hat in the office? Bad hair day, lazy hair day, or just plain I want to wear a hat day, rarely do you find a workplace where the hat goes. But hats can be so fun, can’t they? Why do office rules have to ruin all the fun? If you’re in school, or work in a ‘come as you please’ atmosphere, we envy you, because B.J. loves a good hat.

They just have a way of dotting all the I’s when the outfit already crossed all the T’s. They come in so many different shapes and sizes it’s always easy to find one to fit the occasion.  Sometimes full of quirk, other times fitting for a queen (or if you’re future princess Kate Middleton, a little bit of both). Funky, flirty, flashy, fly, you name it, it’s out there.

The lady who dons a hat isn’t afraid to stand because if your wearing your hat for the sake of fashion, and not just to keep warm, you’re probably one of a few donning headgear. Enjoy your moment in the sun!

In our book, the world should accept in all scenarios. Why limit such a lovely accessory?


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