Camera Glasses & Purse Printers: Lady Gaga brings us the new new fashion trend

She’s fun, flirty, & funky, and now she has proven herself to be tech savvy! Lady Gaga ventured out at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV to demonstrate products she collaborated on with Polaroid under their Grey Label line. She graced the crowd wearing her new Snap Shot Shades, sunglasses embedded with a digital camera and dual LCDs which hide your eyes. One of the most intriguing features of this functional fashion accessory is that the pictures can be viewed outwardly, so friends can enjoy the fun! Apparently the idea was birthed when Lady Gaga had two ipod screens pasted on the eyes of a mannequin during a performance. Gaga seems quite smitten with these shades and their many uses, “These glasses can be worn in public, you can walk around, you can take them to a club, take them to a show or mine, take pictures while I sing on stage.” But how will you get the pics off the shades, you ask? The earpiece contains a USB port, allowing the pics to be wirelessly transported to a computer or printer via Bluetooth.

Would not it be lovely to be able to print the pics while you’re on the go? Well, as a complimentary piece, Lady G also announced a small portable printer, that is reportedly tiny enough to stuff into a purse, and can be linked to goods such as your  sunglasses or a cell phone via Bluetooth as well.

The Grey Label also includes the GL30 Instant Digital Camera, featuring a digital camera, instant photo printer, and digital display.

The products are set to be released in 2011.


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