Embrace the blaze: Redheads are on fire

Redheads are everywhere. They’re buzzing about like fireflies, flaunting stand out, luscious locks. They’re breezing around wearing the color of dominance with the bold, confident, look at me attitudes.

RiRi is flaming just a little bit too bright for our tastes, but hey, style is all about the individual. Do you, girl! From short and sassy, to long and wavy, she’s embraced the crimson look and made it her own.

Miss Khloe Kardashian is muted and understated, but drastically different from the beautiful chocolate locks we’re so accustomed to. Nonetheless, it was a divine look for Khloe at the People’s Choice Awards. Head to toe. Change is good. We’re doing some new things with our looks too.

And how can you forget about Jessica Rabbit herself, or formally Christina Hendricks. She sets hearts on fire with her body and her beautiful head of red hair. She makes looking good look SO easy.

Couldn’t resist the split screen photo. Childhood memories of Who Framed Roger Rabbit are now invading your thoughts, right?

Love it or hate, it looks like the red heads are trending, so expect to see more popping up around you.


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