Dreaming of summer: Sweet Swimwear

It’s mid-January, so you know what time it is. It’s order that amazingly fly, ain’t nobody bout to look flyer than me swimsuit, or suits if you’re really bad. With so many different cuts and colors, it’s hard to narrow down the list of possibles to a definite.

Retro femme, has a little more coverage than most alternatives, but oozes in sex appeal. There’s nothing like your granny’s suit dolled up and modernized. Straight up funky is another option. With cutouts in places you couldn’t imagine being cut out and still covering the lady parts, these suits show a little of your wild side. The classic bikini. You can’t go wrong with this one. So many colors and shapes to choose from, it’s easy to spend hours upon hours pouring over the options. It’s easy to click add to cart, but clicking buy now is another question. There’s always one out there that suits your fancy a little bit more than the one sitting in the cart. Never fails.

In case you’re finding yourself in a moment of indecision, meandering over all the swimsuits out there, here’s a look at some to keep on your radar for Summer 2011. There’s a lot to choose from, but we just wanted to share a few.  Happy browsing!


We Are Handsome

We Are Handsome

Luli Fama


Tosca Delfino

Mara Hoffman

One Response to “Dreaming of summer: Sweet Swimwear”
  1. Lisa says:

    I am thinking of purchasing a retro style bathing suit.I am leaning towards a one piece(or tankini that looks like a one piece) that pays homage to the 50s

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