Model Monday: Sessilee Lopez

Her tantalizing sepia tinged complexion, haunting dark brown eyes, and finely wrought pout are sure to propel Sessile Lopez from model to supermodel status. Doted on for her androgynous look, Sessilee, a Philadelphia native, but Dominican to the core, had a childhood dream of modeling that came into fruition after years of prodding her single parent mother to allow her to model. In support of Sessilee’s dream, her mother sold their house and moved the family to New York City, in order for her daughter to get an amazing opportunity to begin her career in a fashion Mecca.

Her first momentous event arose in 2004 when Sessilee was signed to IMG Models, one of the top modeling agencies in the world. Shortly afterwards, she was cast for CK One Fragrance, which put her in a place that the modeling world could not ignore and she secured a slew of high-profile runway shows in 2005, including Zac Posen, Karl Lagerfeld and Emporio Armani. Followed by the publications Vogue Italia, New York Times Style Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Sessilee overcame her personal insecurities about her looks, stemming from skin problems and having a drastically darker complexion than her sisters, one of them her twin, to reach her goal. It is interesting that she wanted to be in the beauty industry, though she struggled to find the beauty in herself. Now, her untraditional looks can serve as a reminder to other young women that there are no standards for beauty.

Sessilee is also often compared to Grace Jones.  “A lot of people say that I remind them of Grace Jones, which is an honor for me because she is an amazing woman.” However, because Sessilee is of Dominican descent, this is somewhat surprising to her “Fashion is very black and white. It doesn’t pay attention to heritage much. They don’t see me as a Dominican girl, they just see the color of my skin.” In a comparison such as this, we aren’t sure that ethnicity matters. If you look like someone, then you look like someone, plain and simple. However, we agree with her logic. It would be nice to be boxed into categories that truly define who we are, versus being subject to the physical limitations of skin color.


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