Pucker up: Devastating, Dashing, Divine & Divalicious!

Plush, pillow topped lips, are one of the most enviable features a woman can cultivate. Absolutely alluring, lips pique curiosity with their plump shape, pointed peaks or round mounds and glowing texture. As natural beacons of sexuality, lips also serve as biological indicator of a woman’s health and fertility, which men are programmed to assess. If you’re into a little trickery and foolery, then you should know that lipstick is a natural enhancer of lips,  drawing men into the illusion of a plump feature that they innately can’t resist. This season, play up your sensuality and adorn the most provocative facial feature with sensual shades that will allow wearers to flirt with danger. Oooohlala love it- this Spring be exotic, recklessly flamboyant, and overtly eclectic; let go and be undeniably you – lets pucker up!
Oh yeah, and there’s no need for a “how to” manual on wearing bold lipstick. Just do it.

Taundry Tangerine- Shiseido

Vibrant Vixen- Nars Spring 2011 Limited Edition Trio ‘Calanque’

Purple Passion – Armani Prive Show

Armani Prive Paris Haute Couture Spring 2011

Bright Red- Christian Dior – 40s/ 50s glam (be sure to pair w/ winged out liner)

Christian Dior Paris Haute Couture Spring 2011

M.A.C. + Wonderwoman Collaboration = Opportunity to release your inner Aphrodite


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