Michelle Obama: A Powerful Vision of Fashion and Style

How long has it been since a First Lady brought truly iconic style to the White House. Dresses that you can’t forget. Unmistakable elegance. A truly unique vision and presentation of her outward image. We’re thinking Michelle Obama is the first to embrace and display a remarkable eye for fashion and style since Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

It’s something about the way she carries herself. Even in a cardigan set and skirt, she looks divine. Never afraid to buck the trend (remember the controversy surrounding those sleeveless dresses), First Lady Obama looks effortless, polished, sophisticated and comfortable in her fashion choices.

There’s a new book celebrating this powerful woman of fashion. Kate Betts’ Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style, which chronicles the keen fashion choices of our First Lady, will be available for your perusal beginning February 8. Put it down on your calendar. Filled with commentary and photos, the book is more than just an overview, it’s an in-depth analysis of Michelle Obama’s style and how she’s blazed a new trail and changed the fashion rules for women. She’s made people accept her unforgettable choices, and Everyday Icon has something to say about that.

The book is bound to be a delight, and we can’t wait to flip through the pages. The power of style and the power of smarts is a truly remarkable combination that Michelle Obama exudes each and every day. So refreshing. Enjoy a few more of her magical moments.

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    Very nice and informative post.I like this,thanks for sharing.

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