Picture perfect pregnancy fashion

Half of Hollywood is preggers and looking delightful, might we add. They’re strolling the red carpet, street and airport terminals looking amazing with they’re growing baby bumps. Being pregnant doesn’t mean letting go of that fashionista bottled up inside. It just means learning how to work that belly, and new body and look as fabulous as you must feel as you await your new bundle of joy.

We’re not pregnant, so we don’t know the oooey gooey delightful feeling that expecting mommies must feel. But, we’ve seem some chic mommies strolling our own the street (and the red carpet), so we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeve.

How could you not love a little sparkle? It’s the perfect pick-me-up. One shimmering competent will have you looking fabulous and feeling the same!

Maternity pants have come a LONG way. Be comfy, sexy and oh so fly with a pair of leggings and long cardigan. It’s the perfect look for so many occasions. Date night, an afternoon of shopping, a lazy day with the ladies. Make it your own so that it suits whatever you may be doing.

Fun and flirty, but at the same time, perfectly simplistic. A flowing dress in any color is perfect for a growing belly. It just looks free, doesn’t it?

Who said moms-to-be can’t rock the night. So you may not be in the middle of the dance floor mixing it up with all the other So You Think You Can Dance wannabes, we get that. But, when the night calls your name, don’t be afraid to show them exactly what you’ve got. Confidence, style, and a little “Yes, I still got it!”


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