Pinch Me I’m Wearing Blue? – St. Patrick’s

With a holiday quickly approaching, what better place to turn than a friend who lives for it. Below is a post from raving about the pure amazingness that is St. Patty’s Day. The annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade is coming up, March 17th and I will be there as long as the weather works in my favor. I usually celebrate the holiday by grabbing a few green beers, a corned beef sandwich, wearing green and throwing on a shamrock necklace.  I have not a drop of Irish blood, but you know…I like to support.  As St. Patty’s day grows nearer, I’m starting to look forward to my outfit of choice.  Anytime I can wear a semi costume I’m all over it. Unfortunately, I had a mini episode while looking through my closet of green-less pieces. Oh no! What to do? Definitely don’t have the time to shop for anything, so I need to improvise. Then it hits me. I can wear blue! Did you know the first color associated with Irish culture was “St. Patrick’s blue”?  Kinda funny seeing as how most people only associate the color green to the historical festivities. Shades of blue where originally worn by all Irish before British rule in the 17th century. Blue was the staple color of the military’s uniform and Flaitheas Éireann (the sovereignty of Ireland) was represented as a woman in a blue robe in Irish mythology. As droves of Irish began immigrating to America, their presence became a dominate force in the states. The first St. Patrick’s day parade was celebrated in NYC,  in 1762, as a way to raise political awareness in regards to Irish Americans.  Since then, the color green has stepped up to the plate as symbolic recognition of the Celts.  Green is one of three colors in Ireland’s flag and has been used in several Irish revolutionary groups throughout history.  Other green things like leprechaun’s, shamrocks and green ribbons are also used to show pride and have historic roots.  Now, the U.S. and other countries who celebrate the day like Canada, Australia and even Japan only associate the color green with St. Patrick’s day. Gotta love cultural assimilation. You can go ahead and pinch me, but with all that being said, I’m still wearing blue. It’s in my closet and it has loads of historical references so I think I’m safe. You leprechaun’s can’t get me once you know the facts! I think I should pinch YOU for being so forgetful :) 5th Ave here I come. Who’s with me?? K

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