Flawless Friday: Inglot Cosmetics

Prepare to be blown away by a barrage of colors so eye-catching and stunning you’ll have no idea how to choose which to use. They’re fresh and fun and have all the makings of an undeniably fly look. Inglot Cosmetics, a from the ground up cosmetic company built on the principal that quality ingredients create quality products, continues to amaze the makeup world more than 25 years after its founding.

With a bevy of bright, magical colors the creation possibilities are endless. It will be an experiment of pure amazingness as you mix and match colors and textures to your heart’s content. With products for your face, body, lips, nails and eyes, you won’t know where to start…or stop. A special tidbit about Inglot — they know creative makeup geniuses have imaginations that never end, so their Freedom System allow you to create your very own color palette. Gotta love it! Can’t wait to get started on yours? Check it out here.

And there’s bit of exciting news New Yorkers can revel in… Inglot recently opened a new NYC location. It’s a 6,000 square foot studio on the fifth floor of Chelsea Market. It’s a wonderland of endless reverie for makeup lovers.

You never cease to amaze us Mr. Inglot!


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