Oh So Lovely DIY Design Inspirations

Craving that irresistibly luxe feel you get when sitting in a room designed to the nines or when eying the pages of a divine home decor glossy? It’s exhilarating and deflating in the same moment. On the one hand it’s an amazing design creation to gaze at in wonderment. On the other, it’s a distant wish that seemingly will never come true. Everyone dreams, right? Well, why not take it beyond a dream and bring it to reality with some simple (and not so pricey) DIY tricks.

A tufted headboard can fill your bedroom with whimsy and grandeur. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Check out “a dad a mom and a little lady’s” simple, easy, gather a few friend and get to work stunning version of this fabulous space designer. In love yet? We are!

Dreaming up a sitting area fit for a queen? With strategically situated floor cushions and pillows, that oh so comfy space dedicated to hours of relaxation and reverie. That once boring corner becomes a not soon forgotten room feature. A feature the budget conscious decorator can stomach.  Very Aladdin-esque, wouldn’t you say? And the childhood memories of Disney movies come flowing in…aaaah. Follow “Apartment Therapy’s” DIY advice, and go with any color scheme and design inspiration you desire. You’ll love the finished product!

Want a home office that you just can’t leave. Make it a window into anywhere you’d want to be other than the office, even if it doesn’t have any windows. Pops of color, sleek accents, unique patterns and textures — everyone’s office style varies. The one constant is that an office needs to be a space you enjoy being in. It’s where the magic happens. “The Office Stylist” has some AMAZING home office makeovers, and guess what. They’re all DIY!


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