Paper Wigs Palooza

Embodying ridiculous glamour and intriguing fanfare, paper wigs are lining the path to a fantastical land where dreams become reality. A friend recently posted these designs on my Facebook page, sure they would suite my fancy, and clearly, she is right (yes, I give credit where credit is due)! A lover of avant-garde pieces, paper wigs are naturally right up my ally. Willing and able (if I’m not, don’t tell me) to adorn myself with elaborate, unconventional designs, naturally, I am dying to get one! At the intersection of present and fantasy, the wigs are styled like “real” life, from pigtails to afros to ice cream cones to hats, all bases are covered.

Below are pictures from a paper wig line created by designers Nikki Salk and Amy Flurr for a clothing store. Fun, elaborate attention grabbers that are guaranteed be cooler than wigs made of hair. Unfortunately they do not look as glamorous on the in-store mannequins, perhaps they should have selected contrasting colors so the wigs popped.

Be courageous and grab a paper wig before Lady Gaga does 😉  Actually, paper wigs may be a step backward for her, after draping her body in raw meat, paper is likely to be too conventional!


‘curly butterfly’

‘ice cream cone’

Images from


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