Bijan Pakzad: He made his own world.

His name is not as familiar as Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, but unbeknownst to many, Bijan Pakzad’s designs have surely touched their hearts. It’s an odd situation, the media is claiming that a fashion legend has passed and unfortunately, many are left wondering who this icon was. So MPPR is attempting to reveal who this Iranian-American designer that captured the hearts of kings, heads of states, and presidents is to us.

Iconic Perfume: Bijan was launched by the design house of Bijan in 1987 and is a feminine, woody scent, perfect for evening events. Bottled in the signature design pictured below, a distinctive circular glass flacon with an open center and a dividing web. A bit of an illusion, when the container is half full, it seems to fill two separate chambers, defying the law of gravity, that liquid seeks its own level. This design was found to be so novel that a bottle is on display at the Smithsonian Museum.

Exclusive Boutique: Bijan founded the exclusive, “appointment only” boutique, Bijan, in Beverly Hills, known to be the most expensive store in the world. His customer list includes Presidents Barack Obama, George Bush, and Ronalld Reagan, and celebrities Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise and Anthony Hopkins. Noted designers Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, and Oscar de la Renta also coveted his designs. Outside of his fancy boutique, he was known to park one of his luxury automobiles, a Rodeo drive attraction known to leave mouths agape.

It is estimated that the  Bijan Perfume and Fashion Business brought in an estimated $4 billion in sales worldwide in 2001.

Leaving a legacy that is soon not to be forgotten, it is only fitting that we conclude with a quote from his website.  “The world said to conform. The world said to settle for less. The world said compromise and no one will know … so I made my own world!”


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