Flawless Friday: Iman, Iconic Beauty

Blessed with a timeless beauty, Iman is simply stunning. Can you believe she’s 55 going on 56? I can only dream of looking as gorgeous as she does at that age. Her skin is simply amazing. Smooth, supple, seemingly imperfection-less. I stand in awe.

But, the Somali-born Mrs. David Bowie isn’t keeping her secrets all to herself. She’s got a line of beauty products created specifically for women of color. IMAN cosmetics, widely available at major retailers, was the first cosmetic line to embrace women of color from all over the world as a focal point. Iman’s 1994 foray into the world of beauty filled a much needed void. And at $25 million in annual sales — she’s very appreciated.

Iman’s sharing doesn’t stop with her cosmetic line. Her work with Raise Hope for Congo is truly admirable. She is dedicated to creating worldwide awareness to the brutal and systematic use of sexual violence by armed militias in eastern Congo. A sad, but try reality.

She’s the epitome of what Flawless Friday stands for. Just can’t get enough of her!


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