A Seamless Songstress: Meklit Hadero

Luxuriate in the addictive sound of Meklit Hadero. Infusing poetic lyrics with her soft, raspy soul-filled voice, she bring the words to life with effortless finesse. Simply put -her voice is strong, but calming, happy, but not giddy, and just plain pleasurable. A reflection of her Ethiopian heritage, Brooklyn upbringing, and San Francisco home, Meklit has the requisite background to make her an intriguing artist. Passionate about her craft, Meklit stepped out on faith when she left college, she was a political science major, to pursue music full time, in spite of her parents disapproval. Initially focused on her financial stability, over time, they learned to respect her decision, and are now her biggest supporters.

Not only an artist, but also a social activist, Meklit uses her voice as a call to action. She leverages her talent to encourage social change and unite cultures. Embracing music as a natural aphrodisiac that gently soothes tension.

Her talent is frequently compared to Nina Simone, her idol, whom she tributed on her newest album,  On a Day Like This…, by covering her song, “Feeling Good.”

We like the way one writer put it, “If Joni Mitchell were East African and met Nina Simone for tea in San Francisco’s Mission District, she might end up sounding like Meklit Hadero.” Might being the operative term, because she’s undeniably one of a kind.  With a past filled with success, from tours throughout Italy, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Germany to performing in noteworthy venues like Cafe Du Nord, the Independent, and the Great American Music Hall, she is an international treasure.

Her discography includes Eight Songs (EP) (2007) and On a Day Like This… (2010)

Meklit is currently an artist in residence at NYU with the Institute of African American Affairs. A list of her upcoming shows can be found here.


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