Shoe Fanatic Fix: Reflections of Bey

Confession: We find mirrors to be irresistible! If there’s an object  that casts a reflection within a 10 step vicinity, we’re dashing over and looking in it – it is what it is….and we like to think it’s because we’re perfectionists 😉 So when we saw Beyonce’s “Run the World” video, we couldn’t take our eyes off the eye-catching, sky-high Gareth Pugh design reflecting everything in the atmosphere.

In the midst of doting on the shoes, we want to pay homage to the golden scaled turtleneck dress also designed by Gareth Pugh for his Fall 2011 collection. It is a metallic wonder.


Beyonce’s words on Gareth Pugh, “love Gareth Pugh, he’s amazing. His work is so different. The dramatic shoulder pads make your waist look teeny tiny and it’s very structured and graphic and modern. I think the contrast of his garments and my personality is really cool. And I get to dress up and be whatever I want.”

We tend to walk on the wild side so wearing shoes that channel Star Trek is within our realm of reason, but what do you think? Would you wear these shoes? If not, perhaps some of the shoes below will strike your fancy. If you’re going to cause a clamor over your shoes, which options would you choose? Did Bey do it best?


Vanity Mirror Shoes - photo


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