Cannes Film Festival, the fashion edition

Cannes. South of France. Beautiful, enviable scenery. Movies that amaze and will sweep awards shows. Actors who put together some of the best performances of their lives. The introduction of new, fresh filmmakers and screenwriters. And last, but most definitely not least, tons of style gorgeously thrust onto the red carpet for our enjoyment. And that iconic red staircase that is Cannes. Important to look good while ascending, but even more important hit every step. (It’s a long way down).

This year’s film festival didn’t disappoint. Stars brought out all the stops and some dazzling ensembles. The hands down belle of the ball was Gwen Stefani. She’s gorgeous and when you pair it with a style that is matched by none other, the only possibility is amazingness.

But the festival gave us plenty more fashion choices to ooh and ahh over. Here’s a look back at all who wowed!


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