D&G Make up

dolce cosmetics

Season after Season, Dolce & Gabbana The Makeup sprinkles the world with shimmy shams of glamor. This season, get ready to meet Animalier and Summertime (is Will Smith’s song Summertime ringing in anyone else’s ear) The Makeup’s newest products crafted under expert makeup artist Pat McGrath and fronted by the beautiful Scarlett Johansson.



Let your animal instincts roam wild with Animalier, featuring a compact bronzer with a leopard print design- a combination that truly speaks to the D&G brand, and leaves you glistening with perfection. Ideal for a lust worthy sun kissed glow,  the collection also includes a fire engine red nail polish and a deep red rouge.


Juxtapose Animalier to D&G’s other release, Summertime (the name screams bright and vibrant). Indulge in an eye-shadow quad, with vibrant orange rouge and a plethora of pucker-ready lipstick options, topped off with an eye-catching purple/pinkish nail polish. Summertime is your go-to for a day of fun in the warm summer sun.

Prowl or prance about this summer in D&G’s rave-worthy releases Animalier and Summertime, sure to dazzle with that special dose of glam that transitions makeup to art.



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