Flawless Friday: Summer body workouts

So…it’s summer. That hot, oh so sunny, walk outside and just smile time of year. And nothing brings in summer better than a fabulously toned body, complete with high energy and an aura of exuberance. Who wouldn’t want to be around all of that vibrosity?   Well this summer, with the help of some new, flawless body  workouts, you can look and feel your greatest. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with switching up the workouts every now and then. Be bold! Get out there and try something new, even if you look silly doing it because you’re the only newbie in the class.

TRX Suspension Training

You walk in the room and see straps hanging from the ceiling. It’s a pretty intimidating look. Your first thought will probably be, “Is this really the class I just signed up for?” Created by a Navy Seal, don’t let that scare you, TRX makes the core work. It knocks your normal sense of gravity out of wack, so during each exercise, your core has to be activated in order to keep your body in balance. No weights, no treadmill, yet you’ll work every muscle group and get your heart pumping with intense, body weight resistance exercises. Give it a shot, it just might be your new thing!

Boot Camp..Boot Camp…Boot Camp

We all know what boot camps are, and this summer they’re popularity hasn’t waned a bit! You know what you’re getting into when you sign up for a boot camp, if it’s a good boot camp that is. You’re going to work your BUTT off doing high intensity interval training. The exercises aren’t your everyday gym workouts. Trainers will throw in whatever they can come up with to make you work and get your body looking fab.

Caponyasa – Yoga with a twist

We love yoga. Such a great stress reliever. Now, there’s a new yoga revolution taking over. Created by New Yorker Carlos Rodriquez, it combines the Capoeira technique with modern dance elements, for an intense fusion yoga workout. You have to go in with an open mind, because if you’re thinking regular yoga class, your mind will be blown. If you’ve done yoga for a while you’ll recognize the moves, but the modern dance elements will add twists and turns that surprise the mind and body. It’s great class to throw in every now and then if it’s taught in your area.




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