Model Monday: Ève Salvail

I admire the chameleons … those who can reinvent themselves, like Linda Evangelista – Eve Salvail

Eve Salvail is a French-Canadian model whose bald head captivated millions. Bold move, right? And to think, she thought going bald would make her unmarketable, the perfect escape from modeling. Her shaven head actually had the opposite effect and Jean Paul Gaultier fell in love with her distinctive look and was instrumental in launching Eve’s high fashion career. The tattoo was an afterthought, a dare from her father to take her new look a step further with a little ink! Clearly, she doesnt shirk at a bet! The design is from an 800 year old Chinese artifact.

As a model, she landed in numerous publications, including Elle and Marie Claire and advertisements for Chanel, Moschino, Levis Jeans, Versace Couture, and many more.

Her hair is her statement piece and if it’s not shaven off, her naturally brown tresses are short and bleached blonde or dyed red or pink ! Basically, her hair is consistently FIERCE! She found a look that works for her and dominates it – if only we all could be so lucky!

In recent years Eve has moved away from modeling, but you may spot her on a catwalk or working as a DJ under the name DJ Evalicious.


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