Model Monday: New Faces

We love to celebrate, so this week on Model Monday we’ll be highlighting  recent developments in the careers of some of our favorite models, that equal monumental moments!

We haven’t featured Liya Kebede yet, but do note that she’s a fave! Liya Kebede is the new “face” of L’Oreal Paris. It was said that the 30-year-old Ethiopian supermodel was selected because, “Liya is a very strong, inspiring, and courageous woman, with an extremely refined and enchanting beauty. Her generous commitment to the cause of women’s wellbeing is also remarkable,” said Cyril Chapuy, Global Brand President of L’Oreal Paris. We couldn’t have said it better! Cheers to this mother of two, Goodwill Ambassador, Supermodel, and sustainable clothing designer – phew, try saying that in one breath! Godfrey Gao is the first male Asian supermodel, now he’s the first Asian man to promote the 157 year old French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton. Might this move have something to do with Asians being LV’s fastest growing consumers? Or could it be predictions that within the next five years China will be the biggest luxury goods consumer. Regardless of the motive, the move was necessary and a notable triumph for the movement advocating diversity in the modeling industry.






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