Rihanna’s UNLOCKED For “talk that talk” Also Walked that Walk

rihanna image

No virgin to nontraditional moves, Rihanna once again found a path on unchartered territory. This time, she redefined the album launch. You know, a simple task that was all in a days work lol. Expecting a party and a buzz? Well, we can’t say that won’t be happening, but think bigger! Rihanna released UNLOCKED, an interactive Facebook app that lets fans uncover her new album, Talk that Talk, bit by bit.


In order to “play” you must first “like” her Facebook fanpage (major win – hello, who isn’t trying to get likes these days?), which will allow you to go on “missions” to uncover album content. Offers go up and when they reach a certain point, the content becomes available. Her label considers it a “value exchange” between Rihanna and her fans. One of the exchanges went as follows, submit X amount of lyrics to earn the lyrics sheet for the album. She also released her album release date, album cover, and new website with other “unlocks.”


The result? Well, Rihanna is no ordinary person attempting extraordinary things. In fact, she’s a superstar with a huge social media presence, which made an approach such as this rather feasible for her. So it’s no surprise that the “big got bigger” with a measurable increase in her viral following on Twitter and Facebook. Like, numbers in the seven digits bigger.

Did you play along? Would you play an artist based “groupon” game, such as this?




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