Shopping and the app happy world we call home

It’s shop til you drop and browse til you drowse season for just about everyone, and with all of the social networks and smartphone apps now at the world’s fingertips, the retail frenzied the scene is quite a bit more interesting than it once was.

Price comparisons are available in an instant and people are privy to who knows how many conversations floating around about a particular store or brand. All of this combines for a shopper’s paradise and an owner’s delight…detriment. The good thing about that last sentence is that it’s really up you as owner. Traditionalists just can’t win in the world we live in today. It’s all about embracing what’s out there, finding your voice, and making it all work for you and the message you want your brand to provoke.

Here’s quick rundown of our three favorite shopping apps and our tips for owners who find themselves in the midst of the beautiful madness.


Shopper’s simply have to scan the bar code and voila! Price comparison right on time (just before you the shoppers drops $50 on something she can get for $35 at a store five minutes away or online.

Tip for owners: Scan your codes every now and then to get a leg up on how your competitors are pricing products

Shoppers no longer have to wonder just how much they’re saving when they buying an $98.99 item at 15% off. Now they know before they get to the register if they’re getting a good (or bad) deal

Tip for owners: If it’s really not that great of a deal, just drop the price instead of putting it a a percent off. There’s nothing like feeling like you’ve snagged a steal on a fabulous looking frock then realizing you were duped.

As usual, Google is on top up it, giving shopper the ultimate shopping tool. This app gives alerts on nearby deals, allows you to learn more about products by scanning the bar code, or get this — the cover — of a book for instance. It’s a pretty amazing tool that all shoppers can benefit from.

Tip for owners: Be on top of things. Know what’s being said about your products and whether or not that information is accessible by this super app! Then get on the conversation. Contribute to the chatter!


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