E-commerce rock star!

Brick and mortar stores are fabulous. Who doesn’t love dilly-dallying around in a chicly designed, gorgeously adorned store? Seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing, tasting all the lovely things one loves to buy (or browse), is a full on, sensory experience. And it’s not going anywhere!

BUT… What about those business owners who want to keep it strictly e-commerce? Who knows, maybe a pop up shop lies somewhere in the future, but the bulk of the customer buying will be done in the online space. That same sensory overload can be experienced via computer screen or mobile device. AND… There’s a whole bevy of other tools waiting to be tapped that take things a step beyond the ordinary.

Winning in the e-commerce space is first about image. Everything else follows. By image, we mean the whole package; website design, product shots, online image. Crisp and clean paired with the unique flair that makes a brand who and what it is wins…pretty much all the time. (That could be an exaggeration — but you get the point).

The message comes next. How are people finding out about this online shopping mecca? Through what channels? What is being said on those channels? Who are those channels reaching? There are a lot of questions to answer, but delving into the details is worth the hassle. This is where the leaders start separating from the pack. This goes quite a few steps beyond the cosmetic look and feel of the website. It reaches into customer (or potential customer) thought processes. What makes that person actually jump on the website? How does that person feel about what’s being said? How does what’s being said affect that customer and lead to there decision to feel and experience the site personally or to go in a different direction?

Going a third step, we get into what influencers — bloggers, magazines, super savvy customers, etc. — are saying. Do they even know that the e-commerce site exists. If so, is that a good thing? Promotion and publicity matters. Someone needs to be exposing influencers to what your brand and store offers. If you’re doing what you need to do on your end as an owner, designer, etc., they help grow the brand and expose it to newer, broader audiences.

Succeeding in the e-commerce space is not a one step process. It’s not a slap a site up, ship the products and be done with it type of thing. All of the pieces are laying on the table waiting to be put together… BY YOU!!


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