Model Monday: Jany Tomba
“Are you a model?”  A bystander asked Jany on the street in the late 1960s. “No,” she replied. Fortunately, that was the last day she could answer that question in the negative. For Jany, unlike many of us, that question lead to a spread in Glamour magazine and was the official launch of her career as a supermodel. It was a simple twist of fate that instantly changed her life. Having recently come to the United States at the sunset of the Civil Rights era, Jany was still adjusting to the social political climate of the US. Unbeknownst to her, her look was quite timely. A perfect blend for the changing market.
From the dimple on her cheek to the warm smile on her face, Jany Tomba’s look captivated America for over two decades. As one of the first black super models in America, Jany is truly an inspiration. Her niece recently made a short video of her experiences, I Love Jany. Check out the link and let us know what you think! Ciao!
Magazine covers from 1969 to 1991

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