New Year’s 2012: Fashion and Fitness, Listen Up

New Year’s Resolutions. Even if we don’t write it down, or tell our inner circle, we all have something that we want to do better, change, or start with every new year that passes. Get a few minutes of thinking time, and it’s pretty hard to avoid thinking about what you can do better in the new year. As we think about the things we hear year in and year out, two things – two things keep topping the charts… Cue suspenseful music. FASHION and FITNESS. Dress a little better, become more one with the fashion world, make that first impression a little more memorable. And how can you forget about losing those nagging 10 pounds, or 50 for that matter. Who doesn’t want to look and feel better? And, as of late, with all of the ways to communicate our goals (via social media) it’s gotten much easier to spot those looking to cash in on the aforementioned resolutions.

Now here comes the good part. Boutique owners, designers, fashion industry professionals and fitness pros/gyms alike can open their ears to the conversation, engage and potentially gain new and loyal customers, just based on eavesdropping on social media chatter. Become one with tools like Twilert to stay on top of everything that people are talking about in Twitter-land. Don’t let your keywords pass you by without giving yourself an opportunity to get in on the conversation. That’s on all social media channels. And if you outsource in this area, make sure your PR/Marketing/Social Media firm is on the job!

There’s no time like the present to engage and make your mark on the communities you need to be influencing. Get in there, listen and make some moves for your business!


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