Define your social media voice

Everything you read about social media tells you that if you’re not on the scene, you’re not embracing the way of the world. Social is how people communicate, and by not being a part of that collective voice, you’re doing your brand a disservice. If you’ve heard it, you’re listening, and that’s the first step.

You can’t avoid the pressure of not embracing social media, and you’ve seen and heard enough to cave into the fact that you have to develop a social media presence. Only the old school businesses and brands that are not receptive to change stay out of the mix, right? You’re spot on. You’ve conquered step two.

Here comes the fun part. You’re looking the part because you have a presence. LinkenIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.; you’re there. So how do you avoid the propensity to be the wallflower that used to rear its ugly head in middle school, and jump right in the conversation, generate your own discussion and get your audience to latch on to what you have to say via social? This is a little more tricky, but not out of the realm of possibility.


Being heard in the social media space is not about sharing the most intricate 140 character piece of information you can dream up. Of course we all want to create tweets that have that awe factor, but that’s not the main thrust of social media. It’s about finding the interesting aspects of our business and brand and making them something people want to talk about. Celebrating 25 years in business? Make a publicity campaign out of it. Encourage employees to complete 25 hours of service over the course of the year. Record bits and pieces of service projects and share them via your YouTube channel, tying in your brand all along the way. Ask your audience to suggest service activities, choose your favorites and document your involvement in those project across all social media channels. The possibilities are a numerous as you’re willing to dream up.


Social media is about brand building, but it doesn’t always have to be me-centric. If you come across an inspirational blog posts that really makes you think about what you’re how you’re living your life — share it. But, create your own unique headline to make it your own and entice your audience to check it out too. People want to be inspired, share what they want to see.


Engage in what people are already talking about. Make comments, ask questions, RT what you like. (You do know what RT is, correct?)

The bottom line is you cant’s just stop at throwing up a page and pushing out a tweet every few days. Social media is interactive. If you’re reading this post, you’re certainly thinking about social media. Now it’s time to act on those thought and ….create some buzz.


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