4 +1 “Must-Have” Social Media Elements for Your Website


Fast and easy information on how to ramp up your social media presence on your website.

1. Visually Appealing – Though it would be nice if society didnt judge a book by its cover, it happens. And if your website isn’t visually appealing, it will turn people off and likely discredit what you’re offering. You don’t need the savviest website in cyber space, your website can be simple, just make sure it is clean and easy to understand. Every element should look professionally done, even if you did it yourself. Remember, first impressions are key.

2. Social Media Buttons in OBVIOUS Places – Please don’t hide the social media buttons or position them in locations that look odd on your website. Social media buttons should be positioned at the top, bottom, or along the sides of your website. Ideally you want a link that remains in your navigation and follows as users travel throughout your website. Also, make sure they open in a new window. Even though they’ll be leaving your website, you want to make it easy to return. It’s also annoying when you want to briefly look at something, click on a button, and it takes you away from the page. Lastly, and potentially most importantly, be sure to only link to social media outlets that you’re actively using. Or else, what’s the point of sending people there?


3. Social Media Feeds – Basically, a sneak peak at the goods. It’s the perfect way to intrigue visitors on your website to connect with you on social media by allowing them to easily view your recent activity. Don’t do this if you’re not consistently using the platform that you want to gain a following on; you’ll only turn people off.


4. SHARE BUTTONS – They simplify the process of spreading the word by allowing people to easily share or recommend a product. This is a must have if you have an e-commerce website; tons of impressions are being lost if you without it. You can also use share buttons other websites, like blog, articles, etc., just make it easy, breezy to share, OK? AddThis or ShareThis may be good options, plus you can they’ll track the content, so you can monitor how it is being shared.


5. Web Analytics + Social Media Insights – By identifying trends and monitoring the success and failure of campaigns, you will be able to better hone in on what your audience wants from you and establish targeted goals for the future.




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