So What’s The ROI On This Social Media Thing?

Tell me what my return on this investment is.

It’s one of the first statements that comes from a person/brand considering the value of their social media efforts. They want the black and white answer to the question when the reality is that the answer is all wrapped up in shades of gray. As inexact as it may sound, it’s true. Though it may be difficult to make a dollar for dollar comparison, there are PLENTY of key benefits with a sometimes intangible value that make a social media presence more than worth the effort.

Name Recognition

What comes to mind when people think of your brand? Thought leader. Key source. Trendsetter. Do people know that they can come to you for on trend fashion or tasty, healthy recipes for summer? Well if you’re a clothing boutique or specialty grocer they should! And strategic actions across social media channels (in addition to a fabulous blog) can make that happen.

Reach (with key audiences, even beyond the customer)

The reach possibilities of social media are almost endless! Anyone from anywhere can find you — if you’re saying the right things. And by anyone, that includes media! If they don’t find you, guess what… You can find them! Sometimes it’s a game of chess, but if played correctly — your brand can win.


It’s the E word that every brand wants, but isn’t always sure why or exactly what it means. Well here’s an idea. Nothing says loyalty like an audience that trusts what you say and offer — and isn’t afraid to share it others. A clear, active social media voice can help you grow this type of audience. Not only will they share what they love, they’ll chime in on what they don’t love and tell you what you can do to make them love you even more. It’s the perfect recipe for building a brand that meets the needs of your intended (and sometimes unintended) audience.

This is just the beginning of a long list of non-monetary, at least from the surface level, reasons why your brand needs a social media presence.

If you’re exploring… great! Now it’s time to take it to the next level and start making your presence work for you. Rich dividends abound!


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