The elevator pitch from heaven

Everyone knows the importance of a good elevator pitch, HOWEVER, if you try to get the goods from just a handful of business owners, you’re going to run into a lot of disappointment. What should be clear and concise never comes out as eloquent as it should, and it’s often punctuated with a lot of rambling. A business may have a great mission statement and “About Us” on its website, but the person to person delivery from the owner or employee somehow gets a bit convoluted.

A few things to keep in mind….

1. An elevator pitch is an elevator pitch. Know what must be said and learn how to say it quickly. We recommended that you get comfortable sharing the goods in 30 seconds to 2 minutes (absolute max). It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to — a stranger, a potential business partner, media, etc., the pitch needs to be brief. By all means, expand on the pitch should the conversation allow it. But just in case you literally only get that limited window of conversation, you want to give the other party enough so that when they walk away they’re to know more about your business.

2. Be intriguing! No one wants to hear, “XYZ is a fitness company founded in 2001 that helps people get fit.” Why? Because that what every other fitness company in the world does. Maybe they weren’t found in 2001, but they’re in the business of getting people fit. So why is it in your elevator pitch? How about, “XYZ brings a fresh perspective to fitness. We fuel fit lifestyles.” A little better, right? You get the point. It needs to be spicy and catchy, but still reflect the aesthetic of your business. The most corporate of corporate establishments can still have an intriguing elevator pitch. One thing we love about working with small businesses is that we get the opportunity to help them develop a branding strategy that is intriguing (keyword), unique and aligned with their vision. And this strategy includes the elevator pitch!

Give it a try.

3. Practice makes perfect. It’s the old adage that rears its sometimes ugly head again and again in any number of life situations. The way we see it, if it weren’t true, it would have died a long time ago. Don’t skimp on practicing the elevator pitch. No one just spouts off an amazing pitch without a little work. It takes effort, plain and simple. By practice, we’re talking both delivery (in front of a mirror, then peers) and content. Good elevator pitches have been through the editing wringer. A few tweaks here and there are worth it.

Take stab at crafting a good pitch. Share your first few lines (or your entire pitch) in the comments.


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