Turbo-Charge Your Tweets: How to Capture Attention & Gain Influence

It’s time to officially get into the Twitter game. I’m not talking about those random tweets you’ve been sending when you get off the bench. I mean upgrading your playing style with a game-plan that will garner you MVP status. How do you do that? Carve time out of your day, each day, to work on your Twitter persona. Yes, social media takes time. Yes, it takes planning. But, just like that, you’ll see results. It’s all about targeted messaging. Below are a few tips on how to turbo charge your tweets.

Did we miss anything? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Messaging Styles:

  • Branded: It’s okay to disseminate information about your product or service — if not you, who else, right? Just be sure not to spam your followers with info on what you do and the services you offer. Interweave brand information with the following types of messages.
  • Personal: Insight into what makes your brand unique. Why people should consumer or utilize your services. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why do your potential customers need you? Answer those questions and you’ve got your “personal” tweets set!
  • Humor: Did something funny happen in the office today? Is there an old joke that captures your industry? Share it. Be relevant and interesting. No one wants to discover you only to find that your TL (timeline) is a bore. Throw in some funny anecdotes, follow a popular TV show and tweet about it. It’s OK! Your audience will find you personable and interesting. A human tweeting vs a bot!
  • Engagement: It’s your job to bring in your audience and expand your reach by posing questions, responding to messages, and interacting with your target audience and influence. People won’t naturally know that you exist; it’s your job to tell them.
  • Motivational/Inspirational: Quotes, cliches, uplifting thoughts. If it moves you, it will most likely move your audience… So share it! You might just make someones day and gain a re-tweet, mention, or follow too!

What’s your end goal? Re-tweets, mentions, and follows! If you notice one messaging style produces more results than another, it might be wise to integrate more of that messaging into your plan. There’s not one way to play the game, so keep us posted on approaches that are working for you.


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