The beauty of the localized media angle


Every brand/person behind the brand wants to be in InStyle or Essence or on The Today Show or GMA. These and similar outlets are often the first that get mentioned — particularly with small businesses looking to make a big splash fast. And it’s for good reason. First off — their great. And second, they hit the audience right on the head (or at least at lot of MPPR’s client audiences). But in looking to take over the scene in a big way, it’s important not to forget the smaller, local outlets. Those local and regional outlets that keep things churning close to home. Even if you don’t sell your product in your geographic location, what’s better than the story of a local entrepreneur who is living the dream and making big things happen. It just makes you feel good. Makes you dream. Makes you believe. So why not put your brand smack dab in the middle of all of those bubbly feelings?

Or maybe you think you’ve reached your peak with the local audience — but low and behold a feature in the local philanthropy magazine has you sitting on a renewed audience enthusiasm in your home base. Another very good thing.

Hitting the big time with major magazine and news show press coverage is an awesome thing, something definitely worth the effort that goes into making it happen. But — it’s important not to downplay the local angle. Though the audience is not as grand, the people who are exposed to those local outlets listen. They’re intrigued. They want to learn more. And as that need to learn more grows, so does your brand!

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