PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Write like a journalist

Don’t want to crush any hearts, but dropping a load of marketing speak on that editor you’ve been dying to connect your client with, will not get you that feature story. You can pretty it up as much as you want to, but a marketing brochure masked as a press release is not going to get you very far. Who wants to read that? Does it sound real or like someone trying to make  a sale?

Our first PR Series post laid out a maxim we call “Read, Read, Read.” Beyond keeping you fresh on what’s going on, reading gives you privy to the style of the outlet or writer you’re trying to reach. If you know the style, you can mimic it in every piece of written material you send — from press release to pitch. Simplifying things for someone who gets hundreds of emails a day from people asking for the same thing (a story) goes a long way. The more cutting and pasting opportunities you give them, the better.

So the next time you go to draft that shiny little press release, put on your journalist hat on and make it easily transferable from release to printed (or online) publication.

Try it. It will work wonders.

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2 Responses to “PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Write like a journalist”
  1. Nice article – Totally agree too!

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