Will brands take advantage of social media during the Summer Olympics?

What time is it? It’s ALMOST time for the Summer Olympics! Woohoo! We hope you’re as excited as we are. The Games do only come around every four years, two if you stick the Winter Games in the mix. But since they’re two wholly different experiences, we’re going to make it sound good and go with four years.

So what  impact will social media have on this once every four years phenomenon, especially since the social revolution has infiltrated just about every facet of life? We’re thinking the impact will be huge! For most companies, advertising at during the Olympic games is an impossibility due to costs. So what better way to attack millions of people who will converge on London in just over 40 days than social media. Think about the shear volume of people who will be tweeting, updating statuses, checking in, pinning and everything in between! Then there’s that worldwide audience that will be tuning from home! Can’t forget about those guys! There’s a huge audience waiting to be tapped, and companies and brands that can get in on the conversation have an opportunity for great exposure.

For now we are just going to take a wait and see approach, but come opening ceremony, we’ll be tuned in to as much social buzz as we can connect our smartphones and Macbooks to! We’ll have to wait another four years to do it again, so we won’t be missing a moment! Keep us posted on your favorite campaigns and accounts throughout the Olympics.

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