Celebrities winning at social media: Ochocinco

Call him what you will. Talk about him all  you want. But — one thing you can’t say about Ochocinco is that he doesn’t know how to use social media. He’s quite the master when it comes to connecting with his audience, being relevant, and keeping people on their toes waiting for the next 140 characterism (MPPR word).

So what makes Mr. Ochocinco so special? Let’s start with the fact that he has a near constant presence. If you’re going to be inducted into the Twitter Hall of Fame, you have to live up to it. From the biggest announcements, like signing a deal with the Miami Dolphins for this year’s NFL season, to the smaller things, like those Twitter giveaways he’s always doing, this man is on it! And back to those giveaways, if you actually win one, it doesn’t feel so small! Just saying! He’s got the top of mind thing down. When you think about celebrities on Twitter, you can’t leave Ocho out. He’s probably first on your list.

Next is the fact that he’s really doing the tweeting. Even though it all boils down to promoting himself, it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like he’s truly connecting with his followers. Just because you’re a marketing machine doesn’t mean you have to sound like one! You get two high fives from us on that one, Ocho! Better yet, make it four — two from each of us.

Now let’s talk about content. Twitter is a fast moving animal, so being on top of what’s going on is a must. Who wants to see a tweet from an NFL player about being picked up by the Dolphins five days after the fact? The conversation is over and done at that point, and instead of starting it, you’re getting lost on the tail end of the noise.Who cares? Lucky for Ochocinco followers, they never have to worry about anything like that ever happening! We mean E.V.E.R.!!! He’s on top of everything, which for a Twitter hall of famer is must!

We’re going to end with this one. Not only does he have a constant presence, a personable tone, and fresh content — he also has a tendency to move the conversation from online to face to face. Say what? Yes indeedy, Ochocinco has a knack for making his fans three steps beyond excited by inviting them to meet in person for dinner or a social media class (very nice)! Who else does that? You’re probably still think because they’re few and far between. Can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard about these little meet-and-greets that all start with a Twitter conversation. Here’s one of our faves! Nice job, Ocho. Seriously!

We’ll be celebrating celebrities who do social media well for several weeks, so be sure to come back for more. We’re going to have a tough time topping Ochocinco! Be sure to follow him @ochocinco.

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3 Responses to “Celebrities winning at social media: Ochocinco”
  1. cassie says:

    Are you serious? He’s a fraud

  2. Jordan… good article because it does say volumes … but… I have never been a fan of, what was his real name again? Ah, Chad Johnson. I think this comes easy to him because of his ego and because he always needs to be the show. He did this on the field often. I will say this though… I do like the fact that he will meet people out in person, after engaging with them online. But I would do this often also if I had a lot of money.

    Now, my comment might come with a negative tone. But I will say this… he does work it well and there are some things that we all can learn from him. My question is motive. #justsayin

    • mamo parker says:

      Negative and positive tones are welcome. We like to see both sides of things.

      Now we would have to ask the man himself to answer that motive question. 🙂 He definitely does seem to enjoy the spotlight, and if his objective is to keep it on himself — he knows how to do it well. That’s what our series is all about…Highlighting high-profile people who are capitalizing on social media. He’s definitely a front runner in our book! He knows how to work it!

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