Model Monday: Joan Smalls

Isn’t she lovely? We sure do think so! This 5’10.5 beauty has captivated many with her perfectly sculpted face and lean body. If this is the first time you’re feasting your eyes on her *shocking*, but GET A LOAD OF HER! She’s everywhere!

joan smalls1 Joan Smalls by Alasdair McLellan <em>V Magazine</em> #70

Joan Smalls hit the modeling scene in 2007 after leaving her home in Puerto Rico to be represented by Elite Model Management in NYC. Since then she has appeared in numerous campaigns for Ralph Lauren, The Gap, Coach and Ports 1961 and walked the runways for just about all the big names. She’s a fashion week staple! We’re thrilled to be able to shine a little light on this beauty and show how hard work can pay off!

Joan’s Big Break: After being selected to walk exclusively for the Givenchy Spring 2010 couture show, Joan immediately became one of the most coveted catwalk gals.

Fun Fact: A year into her career, she was tapped to appear in Ricky Martin’s “It’s Alright” video.

Something we Love about Joan: Instead of frivolously spending her first paychecks, she purchased a car for her father. How Saweet!

3 Reasons Why we Like Joan: Perfect Pout, Amazing Bone Structure, Thick, Structured Eyebrows




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