PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Edit with an eagle eye

We readily and openly admit that editing is not fun. After you’ve drained every ounce of creativity you have crafting a blog post or a snazzy little pitch, editing is the last thing you want to do. You want to click that dazzling publish or send button more than anything. We definitely know the feeling and have looked back over a blog post or two with a side-eye thinking, “What in the world were we trying to say?!?”

Then there’s the mad scramble to edit the post before anyone else has the opportunity to see it. At that point it’s too late. If you have any traffic at all, someone saw the mistake, and probably thought the same thing you thought. Better a blog post than a pitch! There’s no going back and correcting that mistake. And depending on who you sent it to, you could end up on that list you don’t want to be on. Yeah, that one.

That extra editing is sounding more and more worth it, right? We hope so.

Even when don’t feel like it, you have to give everything you push out a second look…an eagle eye look! If you don’t feel like you’re reviewing your work properly, step away and come back to it, even if that step away is only a quick 10 minute break.

Also, always have someone else look at what you’ve written. A colleague, friend, boss, mentor, someone you trust with some writing expertise. A second eye can catch the most obscure and obvious of mistakes. You missed them because you basically have your work memorized. You’re skimming and scanning when you need to be honing in on each and ever letter, character and space. It happens to the best of us. Why do you think there are jobs for people called editors?

But we don’t all have the luxury of having an editor at our disposal, so as a PR pro you have to take the matter into your own hands each and every time you write something that you plan to distribute, no matter what the means.

Make it a habit and don’t break it!

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One Response to “PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Edit with an eagle eye”
  1. Heather says:

    I recommend printing out the post and reading it in print and out loud; you’ll catch more errors that way.

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