The Other Larrieux, Sky Larrieux

One of the reasons why I LOVE NYC in the summertime is Summerstage. Free concerts in the park? I’m there every time. Last Sunday was a real treat because Groove Theory was apart of the line up. I was beyond pumped about them performing and extra ready to get my groove on. Of course their jams were as good as I remembered, but their set featured a surprise. A pleasant surprise at that! Amel Larrieux’s daughter, Sky Larrieux, was on the keys AND graced us with a solo. Let’s just say that the crowd went bizerk when they heard her voice. It sounded so familiar, so.. Amel-esque! We’re thinking that she might have something special. Take a listen to her video and let us know your thoughts. One thing is for sure, she’s getting the best PR ever by traveling and performing with her mother.

The video was taped during a live performance at BB King’s last year, so bear with us. The quality isn’t the best. It’s all we’ve got until Sky puts out an album 🙂

One Response to “The Other Larrieux, Sky Larrieux”
  1. Vintage Living Magazine says:

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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